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The 5Ls About Us

The 5Ls is the brainchild of Sal LaGreca. It has recently gained recognition as the result of a meeting between Sal and Mike Mannix, also a global executive and well-known leadership expert at New York University (NYU). Once Mike heard the 5Ls concept, based on his experience in leadership training, he knew immediately the impact it could have on people’s lives.


Through the 5Ls, the mission of Unparalleled Performance is to touch as many lives as possible and change them for the better.


​Combining over 70 years of Global Business and People Development expertise across multiple industries, has given rise to this truly dynamic and different personal, professional and leadership development practice. This vast knowledge and passion allows our organization to pinpoint our client’s needs and deliver exceptional results. We are a thought leadership company that motivates and drives individuals, teams, and organizations to attain Unparalleled Performance in their personal and professional life.


Sal LaGreca
Mannix Full HS BC.jpg
Michael J. Mannix

Sal LaGreca, Co-Founder / Co-Author brings over 40 years of executive leadership from billion dollar global businesses to middle market companies and start-ups. Sal was the Executive in Residence at St. John’s University and member of the Advisory Board of The Peter J. Tobin College of Business at St. John’s University.

 5Ls is Sal's brainchild. Nearly 3 decades ago, after being admitted to the partnership at KPMG, he attended, at the request of the firm, a Harvard University Executive Business conclave with some of the top global business leaders focusing on the key components for success in business. This experience ignited the thought process for Sal that would lead him to the creation of the 5Ls program. 

“It has always been a dream of mine to bring the 5Ls to life in the desire to change lives for the better, be it professionally or personally. The right balance of 5Ls is the simple pathway to get us there.” - Sal LaGreca

Michael J. Mannix, Co-founder / Co-author, brings 29+ years of business experience spanning multiple industries, advancing to become an Executive Board Member of a Global BPO organization. He has a track record of proven success as a Strategic Operations and Business Development Leader, generating up to 100% in revenue growth, expanding market presence, and driving operational efficiencies that deliver dramatic gains in profitability. Throughout his career, Mike has always taken a "Servant Leader" approach. Combined with his passion for teaching, this methodology has enabled teams to continuously exceed their goals, creating a strong legacy of industry top talent. For this, he has been recognized through numerous awards granted for excellence in leadership. 

Beyond his 20+ years of creating and delivering impactful training programs in the corporate arena, he also teaches as an Adjunct Professor at New York University (NYU). In the collegiate space, he develops and administers classes in leadership, management, strategic planning, team building, and business development. He currently teaches at various levels including undergraduate, graduate, career professionals, the NYU High School Academy, and NYUSPS Aspire - a scholarship program for rising high school juniors and seniors from underrepresented communities who will be first-generation college students. 

Mike brings a passion and energy to his seminars, keynote speaking engagements and trainings that is unique and impactful. 

"I am extremely passionate about leadership and the development of future leaders. I believe that the true measure of success is gauged on the amount of lives you touch and leave for the better. Effective leaders aren't driven to lead others, they are driven to serve them." - Mike Mannix


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