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5Ls is the brainchild of Sal LaGreca.  After being admitted to the partnership at KPMG, he attended a Harvard Executive Leadership Conclave with some of the top global business leaders focusing on the key components for success in business. This experience ignited the thought process for Sal that would lead him to the creation of the 5Ls.

It has recently gained recognition as the result of a meeting between Sal and Mike Mannix, also a global executive and well-known leadership expert at New York University (NYU). Once Mike heard the 5Ls concept, based on his experience in leadership training, he knew immediately the impact it could make on people’s lives.


5Ls is a program that provides a framework for success in your personal and professional life. Through tailored      (in-person or virtual) seminars, presentations, and trainings, Unparalleled Performance facilitates the continuous pursuit of achieving balance in 5 essential life elements


Self-love, Oxygen Mask Theory, Positive support of others


Stress Management - don’t take yourself too seriously


Passion & Purpose - the benefits of doing what you love


"Me Time", Disconnect, Clear Minds = Better Decisions


Knowing when to pivot - manage change, adjust the sails 

Each one of the 5Ls is a chapter in the book. The book encompasses interviews with successful individuals who have shared their experience in one or more of the 5Ls and how it has impacted their lives. These interviews were held with Corporate Executives, Professional Athletes, High-ranking Military Leaders, other high-profile personalities and everyday people who have made an impact.

Utilizing their combined 70+ years of work and life experience, along with the wisdom shared by the interviewees, Sal and Mike lay out real life learning lessons and tools supported by scientific statistics.

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"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom" 

- Aristotle

This book has been over thirty years in the making. Reading that, you are probably thinking that this book should be say, 500 pages or even more. Since you are reading this you obviously see how far from that thought this book really is. The reason is that the 5Ls is a very simple approach to finding success in life and being an effective leader.