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The 5Ls  
The Gift of a Balanced Life 

#1 New Release Best Seller
The 5Ls - The Gift of a Balanced Life
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If someone could give you the gift of a balanced life, what would that be worth to you?

The answer we always receive is priceless.

So what is the 5Ls and how can it help you?


The 5Ls is a science-supported program that gives you real world  tools to navigate through life’s difficult or challenging times to achieve true work-life balance. It’s about finding a proper balance of these 5Ls, as none of them can stand alone. It’s when you are only focused on a few that life begins to unravel.


The 5Ls facilitates the continuous pursuit of achieving balance in 5 essential life elements



Self-love - Oxygen Mask Theory, Positive support of others


Stress Management - don’t take yourself too seriously


Passion & Purpose - the benefits of doing what you love


"Me Time", Disconnect - Clear Minds = Better Decisions


Knowing when to pivot - manage change, adjust the sails 


Alone they have Purpose

Together they have Power

The right balance of the 5Ls has helped individuals from all walks and stages of life deal with stress, crisis, and burnout.  From students to successful leaders, the 5Ls has given them the pathway to a better, happier, and more successful life.

Most recently our 3-year passion project to change lives for the better, “The 5Ls – The Gift of a Balanced Life” book was released to the public. Each one of the 5Ls is a chapter in the book. Within each chapter are interviews with successful individuals who have shared their experience in one or more of the 5Ls and how it has impacted their lives. These interviews were held with Corporate Executives, Professional Athletes, high-ranking Military Leaders, other high-profile personalities and everyday people who have made a positive impact on people’s lives. Utilizing our combined 70+ years of professional experience, along with the wisdom shared by the interviewees, we lay out real life learning lessons and tools supported by scientific statistics. 


Within the first two weeks of the book’s release, it reached #1 on the Amazon and IngramSpark

 New Release Best Seller list.

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"I believe the 5Ls carries a message that people need to hear.  It's reassuring to know that people like Sal and Mike are out there as beacons, pointing the way forward to those wandering about in today's gloom." 
                     Three-Star General Retired - US Military 



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