Making an Impact

The true measure of success is gauged on the amount of lives you touch and leave for the better.

I am so glad I was there to see you in action! Your passion and love for what you do were evident to the audience. It was engaging, authentic and fun!


The concept of the 5Ls was amazing! I felt like it was so attainable and made the thought of being a Leader less scary and more about touching lives in a meaningful way.


Thank you for sharing this with our students. Everyone at my table loved it!

Chantal G.

Michael Mannix transcends the figure of the teacher, becoming a true source of excellence, inspiration and practical knowledge.

In addition to his vast professional experience, Michael stands out for his unique charisma, combined with a strong educational background, acting as a great facilitator for the learning and empowerment of his students.

I have been a Marketing and Business professional for over 10 years and although I have had the opportunity to attend many career improvement courses, I am quite sure that Michael is unique, due to his natural leadership. He deeply understands the needs of his audience and with an amazing manner, contributes to the achievement of each goal presented to his students. He personally gave me an excellent solution about ROI that I used within a presentation which I was doing for a future client.

My firm won the account after this, so I can definitely affirm his course really proved its worth.

It was a great pleasure to take his course and I strongly recommend it to all those who seek greater understanding and development of their abilities, aiming for greater prominence, innovation and success in a competitive world full of opportunities.

Caroline F.

I would like to personally thank you for the fantastic class on Saturday. I have never enjoyed a class so much in my life and was not bored once throughout the three and a half hours. Additionally, I want to thank you for making the environment so open and comforting, a place where all my original doubts about the class faded away. I hope you have an amazing week!

Kate W.

I just wanted to reach out and say a few words regarding your course. 

I had many professors throughout school and university. But there are not many leadership development professionals who can carry a passion and understanding for teaching like you, which helps to motivate their students to walk away with new applicable knowledge that we’re excited to use after the course. 

The course was so interesting for me. I walked away each session with new thoughts and ideas. Being able to connect to your energy and charismatic approach helped regarding taking your class because English is my second language. You were very patient and let us feel comfortable with a safe learning zone. 

Thank you again, 

I wish I had more time here in the states to go to another course of yours.

Hope to stay in touch!

Hili K.

What People Are Saying

“In a sea of leadership training, Michael stands out from the crowd with his high energy and simple breakdown of complex concepts.  You can’t help but have Michael’s positive attitude rub off on you and motivate you to achieve things you’ve never imagined.  My short time with Michael proved more valuable than countless books, podcasts, and seminars.”

Mekram M.

I am writing to thank you for today's insightful and inspiring presentation about the key traits to successful leadership! I enjoyed your presentation and all of the activities. They helped me feel the traits in a direct and powerful way! What you said about focusing rather than multitasking really gave me an "A-ha" moment. The example of putting the big rocks in the glass first made me realize the importance of balance, in my priorities and in life! The positive tone you set up for the presentation made the whole presentation full of joy and positive energy! I really appreciated your presentation and learned a lot!

Xinqiao L.

I sincerely thank you for the tools that you have provided me with. I walked into this room 4 weeks ago as a different leader, a different person, and with a different mentality. But the skills I have learned has changed who I am and my life as a whole. I have already seen immense growth in my personal and daily life— I have begun to let go, focus on what’s important, embrace the persona of a “Servant Leader” and most importantly, live by the 5 L’s. I have seen major improvements in my life, health, happiness, and athletic journey. I feel that I am now equipped with the tools to be successful. 

Ashrita G.

I legitimately enjoyed being in your class - you accomplished exactly what you wanted to... you truly impacted our lives. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve taught me. I won’t forget it!

Miah P.

Thank you again for spreading your wisdom and I wish you the best in your training and development career because you have an amazing talent for it!

Gloria A.

Thank you so much for such an amazing experience over these past 4 weeks. You taught me so much in such a fun and enjoyable way. I will never forget you and what you taught me moving forward in college and in life itself. You truly inspired me to conquer the fear of failure and do what I am passionate about. Thank you so much for that.

Lianne T.

I took part of your course and I totally loved it. I truly believe you are one of the best speakers I have heard. If you ever come to Argentina, I would like to arrange for you to speak at my university (ITBA).

Lucas R.

I was a pleasure to meet you and to have you for my instructor. Thank you for all your teachings, I will carry them with me always.

Gianluca P.

Thank you so much for everything! I had a wonderful time in the class and it helped me so much! You are a huge inspiration to me and helped me with a lot of things in my personal life and for the future. 

Thank you

Gili L.

I wanted to thank you again for such an amazing and impactful class! I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I look forward to applying everything I have learned, although it has already been influential and applicable in the past couple weeks! Thank you again!

Belle B.

After heading back to Shanghai, I started to miss everything in New York. I especially enjoyed your seminar and still feel very proud of my final presentation. Thank you for leaving me with such an unforgettable memory and making me start to change for the better!

Best wishes,

Sally L.

Your course was informative and helpful and will better my leadership skills in multiple future situations. I truly loved your teaching style and actually learned quite a lot.  

It was an amazing seminar that will help me on a daily basis and in my future career. Thank you for an unforgettable experience!  

Thank you!

Angelica S.

Taking the Leadership and Management Development Course with Michael Mannix has, without a doubt, been one of the best decisions I have made for my own personal growth. I learned much about both the leadership world and myself, and looked forward to every week with him. Mike has been such an amazing teacher and role model. Caring, entertaining, and helpful in every way, Mike is truly someone to look up to and someone who has changed my life for the better!

Jean-Paul G.