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The 5Ls
The Gift of a Balanced Life 

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The 5Ls Wellness Program

The 5Ls program has been helping thousands of individuals, teams, educational institutions, organizations, and companies globally with their wellness initiatives to address mental fitness, stress management and burnout issues. This impact has been recognized for a second time in CEOWORLD Magazine and most recently

on the TV show "OPEN".

In the current environment where your teams may be a combination of remote and onsite, employee engagement and wellness initiatives are more critical than ever. It is now more than just a mindset - it's the differentiator between success and failure.  


"Stress and burnout induced absenteeism costs US business

over $300 Billion a year."  

-American Institute  of Stress

The key to avoiding burnout, keeping them connected and productive is making them feel like a valuable asset to your organization by helping them find 

true work-life balance.

As your strategic partner, Unparalleled Performance's 5Ls wellness program provides your teams and leadership (in-person or virtual) with the proper tools for

mental wellness.

"The 5Ls- The Gift of a Balanced Life wellness program and best-selling book have been helping organizations globally with their employee

wellness and retention initiatives."

-CEOWorld Magazine

Unparalleled Performance will create fully customized experiences for all levels of your organization to successfully drive employee engagement, employee mental fitness / well-being for improved performance and results. Our executive team consults with you and your leadership to achieve your objectives.


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 The 5Ls is a science supported program that gives individuals the tools to navigate through difficult or challenging times in their life to achieve true work-life balance.


Through (in-person or virtual) specifically designed to meet your goals trainings, seminars, and keynote presentations. Your teams will walk away with real tools they can implement immediately to deal with stress, anxiety and burnout.

The 5Ls - The Gift of a Balance Life facilitates the continuous pursuit of achieving balance in 5 essential life elements. None of them can stand alone and knowing where you are lacking and where you need to focus to create a proper life balance is the essence of the 5Ls brand


The right balance of the 5Ls has helped individuals from all walks and stages in their life.  From students to successful leaders, the 5Ls has given them the pathway to a changed life. 

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Alone they have Purpose
Together they have Power


Find your balance


without it all else fails. we have nothing. (support of others, self-love and personal development)



don’t take yourself too seriously. (stress management)



we are built or wired to work. to produce. (purpose)



we need to find time to relax.  (the importance to disconnect and recharge)



knowing  when to pivot- manage change, adjust the sails. (conquer the fear of failure)


The Book

#1 Best-Seller

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom" 

- Aristotle

This book has been over thirty years in the making. Reading that, you are probably thinking that this book should be say, 500 pages or even more. Since you are reading this you obviously see how far from that thought this book really is. The reason is that the 5Ls is a very simple approach to finding success in life and being an effective leader.  

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Retail: $19.95

Direct: $17.00

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If someone could give you the gift of a balanced life, what would that be worth to you?

The answer we always receive is priceless.


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What People Are Saying

“The 5Ls has made a huge impact on our organization and our initiatives to support true work-life balance and total well-being. The 5Ls – Gift of a Balanced Life program has received rave reviews and is being rolled out to our entire workforce.”

Chief Human Resources Officer  WMCHealth Network

“The 5Ls- Gift of a Balanced Life program is fantastic! Our executive team cannot wait to roll this out. We are planning to be a culture of the 5Ls throughout our global network.”

Chief Executive Officer 

Cobra Legal Solutions

“The concept of the 5Ls was amazing! I felt like it was so attainable and made the thought of being a Leader and having balance in my life less scary. It is more about touching lives in a meaningful way. Thank you for sharing, everyone at the event loved it!”

Director of Student Life

New York University

“I believe the 5Ls carries a message that people need to hear. It's reassuring to know that people like Sal and Mike are out there

as beacons, pointing the way forward to those

wandering about in today's gloom.”

Retired 3 Star General 

United States Army

“I have been a Marketing and Business professional for over 19 years and have had the opportunity to attend many career improvement courses.  I strongly recommend this course to all those who seek greater understanding and development of their abilities, aiming for greater prominence, innovation and success in a competitive world full of opportunities.”

Head of Communications & Public Relations


“Just completed an excellent book. While reading,

I kept thinking, ‘I need to share this with my friends and colleagues.’ This is a book that I will probably read a few times as it is packed with excellent recommendations for

reflection before, in and after action.”

Colonel, Senior Intelligence Officer U.S. Army Cyber, G2

“The 5Ls – The Gift of a Balanced Life was the recent morning keynote that kicked off our entire 32nd Annual Conference. The feedback that we have and continue to receive has been overwhelmingly positive. They were the most impactful and successful keynote in SHRM-LI history.”

Executive Director - Society of Human Resources Management - Long Island

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